• Nanotechnology platform
    delivering and enhancing
    Cannabis applications

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  • Encapsulating THC and CBD
    while retaining flavour
    for Cannabis beverages

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  • Infusing Cannabis for
    better topical cream, gel
    and spray applications

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  • Delivering improved Cannabis
    medical products

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  • Other applications include
    eye care, MRI diagnostics,
    and cancer therapeutics

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Avantex Biotechnologies Inc.

Avantex Acufilic™ DDS – a synergistic nanotechnology drug delivery system for more effectively infusing medical Cannabis products with THC and CBD.

Avantex Biotechnologies has developed Acufilic™ – a groundbreaking nanotechnology-based, dual-drug delivery platform that improves medical therapeutic and treatment outcomes. Acufilic™ can provide long-term release, enabling ground-breaking medical Cannabis based products to come to market, and allowing cannabinoids to be infused into beverages without impacting the flavour and aroma of the drinks.

Developed by a team of scientific researchers, this new platform enables the co-delivery of drugs to fuse into nanoparticles with targeting and imaging functions – all produced in a streamlined, self-assembly manufacturing process. Avantex’s Acufilic™ nanotechnology provides affordable and efficacious treatments for patients, resulting in better patient compliance and improved outcomes.

The Avantex Acufilic™ Advantage and Core Nanotechnology
Our core nanotechnology DDS (drug delivery system) provides considerable advantages including:

  • Amphiphilicity
  • Water soluble
  • High drug encapsulation efficiency
  • Excellent biocompatibility and bioavailability
  • Multi-functionalization
  • Controlled release
  • Streamlined manufacturing process

Experienced Management Team

Avantex Biotechnologies Inc. is managed by a knowledgeable and motivated team of professionals with extensive international experience and a broad range of biotechnology industry skills.

  • Nikita Chou, MBA – President and Director
  • John Gan – Chief Financial Officer and Director
  • Andrew Csinger, B.Eng, PhD – Chief Strategy Officer
  • Ullrich Schade ­– Vice President, Marketing
  • Vlad Budzynski, M.D, PhD, Biotechnology Advisor
  • Deanmo Liu, Ph.D – Scientific Advisor
  • Dr. Louis Liu, MD, Ph.D – Medical Advisor
  • Dan Cohen – Vice President, Corporate Strategy

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